Chief Inspector Joanne Gibson and Crime Prevention and Designing Out Crime Officer Shelley Anne Grimes (L-R) are pictured at the launch of the Police Service of Northern Ireland Summer Safety Campaign. The initiative is encouraging members of the public to have an enjoyable summer whilst being mindful of safety issues to watch out for.

The Police Service of Northern Ireland has today (Thursday 1 July) launched its Summer Safety campaign, encouraging members of the public to have an enjoyable summer whilst being mindful of safety issues to watch out for.

Superintendent Gordon McCalmont from the Crime Prevention and Early Intervention Branch said “As lockdown measures have relaxed, we know that more and more people are out and about with friends and family and booking trips away.

“Our priority is to keep people safe and whilst we want everyone to have the best summer possible we would ask the public to keep in mind that the summer months are also when crimes occur.

“We are encouraging young people to stay safe and make good decisions. We want everyone to be able to enjoy our shared public spaces and we will be on patrol in all major tourist areas and beauty spots to ensure everyone’s safety.

“We also need to remember that restrictions are still in place and adhering to them is essential.

“Many people will be taking advantage of a day trip away or break in their holiday home or caravan so it is very important to ensure that your property is secure when you are away.

“It only takes a thief a few minutes to enter your home and take valuables so ensure to secure your house, shed and any other outbuildings,” added Superintendent McCalmont.

The Police Service of Northern Ireland has outlined top safety tips to be mindful of this July and August:

Before you leave your home ensure all external doors and windows are secure and locked.

Ensure your main garage door is shut and locked.

Do not leave valuable items including bicycles or toys sitting around, outside your house.

If you are going away, ask a neighbour to leave your bins out. You can also make your house look occupied by leaving a light on a timer.

Always look out for your neighbours. If you see someone acting suspiciously note down a description and car registration details and contact police immediately.

Consider installing and approved CCTV that you can monitor remotely including via Wi-Fi.

Consider installing an approved Home Alarm system and ensure it is used.

Find out if there is a Neighbourhood Watch or Nominated Neighbour scheme in your area.

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