Today, Wednesday 8th December the rollout of the new service medal and medallion for police officers and staff from the Police Service of Northern Ireland begins.

The award of a medal for police officers and medallion for police staff recognises the contribution made by approximately 10,000 officers and staff to the people of Northern Ireland.

The medal, agreed by Royal Warrant, and medallion, will be awarded to current and retired officers and staff who have completed five years’ service from February 2009, when the terrorist threat level in Northern Ireland was officially raised to ‘severe’.

Chief Constable Simon Byrne said: “I am delighted to announce the rollout of the service medal and medallion.

“Policing is a challenging and complex profession, however, in Northern Ireland we face unique challenges like no other police service in the United Kingdom.

“Despite the daily risks and demands they face, our officers and staff are committed to providing a visible, accessible and responsive police service to the people in our communities.

“These awards recognising that public service contribution and are a symbol of our pride in policing.

“The medal and medallion rollout is also a time for reflection as we remember the sacrifice of our colleagues who have lost their lives whilst serving the community as well as those who have died following retirement. We honour their memory and remember their sacrifice”. added Mr Byrne.

Justice Minister Naomi Long said: “The PSNI service medal and medallion recognise the invaluable contribution of PSNI officers and police staff in the very challenging and unique circumstances within which they serve in Northern Ireland, and I welcome the news that these are being rolled out.”

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