Commenting on the publication of the report, Chief Constable Jon Boutcher said: “The Independent Review Team, led by T/Commissioner Pete O’Doherty, presented their report to the Police Service of Northern Ireland and the Northern Ireland Policing Board following their end to end process review of the circumstances surrounding the data breach incident of 8th August.

“The report’s findings and recommendations are grouped into five sections as outlined below:

  1. Organisational, Governance & Accountability
  2. Taking Responsibility
  3. Building the Foundations
  4. Data Sharing & Usage
  5. Data Culture, Skills & Talent

“The report highlights the fact that the breach that occurred was not a result of a single isolated decision, act nor incident by any one person, team or department, but more, a result of the PSNI as an organisation not better seizing opportunities to better and more proactively secure and protect its data, and identify and prevent risk earlier on, in an agile and modern way.

“The Service Executive Team will now take time to consider the report and the recommendations contained within it.  We have already taken action on one of the recommendations and the role of SIRO (Senior Information Risk Owner) has been elevated to the post of Deputy Chief Constable.  This will ensure that information security and data protection matters will be immediately visible to the Deputy Chief Constable, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Constable and they can be afforded the support and attention they critically deserve.

“We will work with the Northern Ireland Policing Board to consider the implications of the Report and a timeframe for the completion of relevant actions that have been identified.”