“I held a number of meetings with elected representatives throughout the day. Such meetings are important in ensuring we are both aware of and responsive to community concerns. The meetings covered a wide range of issues.

“The policing approach to funerals and other gatherings during the Covid-19 pandemic was an issue raised during meetings with both the Democratic Unionist Party and the Ulster Unionist Party.

“From the outset of the pandemic, we have consistently said that our approach will be to engage, explain, encourage and enforce. While enforcement is the final option we have not shied away from it.

“As police officers, we apply the law fairly and impartially to all individuals, regardless of background, traditions or beliefs.

“Police investigate breaches of the Public Health Regulations within the context and constraints of the current legislation, with a view to reporting those breaking the law to the Public Prosecution Service.

“We will reflect on what we heard during the meetings today and look forward to discussing these issues and our policing style at the Policing Board meeting next week.”

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