Police are urging road users to stay safe this Bank Holiday weekend. 

Chief Inspector Graham Dodds, Head of Road Policing said: “With this being the last Bank Holiday before Christmas, we are expecting our beauty spots and areas of interest to be very busy.

“With this, there will inevitably be more traffic on the roads, so we are asking all road users to be extra vigilant, patient and considerate of other road users.

“It is critically important that everyone focuses their attention on road safety. We all share the responsibility to prevent deaths and serious injuries on our roads.

“Slow down and stay within the speed limits. Speeding is not just a low-level crime, it’s dangerous. It is a serious threat to other road users.

“Remember Careless driving is a crime. Do not allow your driving to fall below safe and competent or you could now receive a fixed penalty.

“Do not use your mobile device whilst driving, wear your seatbelt and never ever drink or take drugs and drive. Driving with drink or drugs, drastically increases the chances of a causing a collision. It only takes one drink. If you’re driving, don’t drink any alcohol at all.

“It could mean the difference between an enjoyable weekend break and a tragedy you and your family have to live with for the rest of your lives.”