Ludmila Poletelova
Ludmila Poletelova

Today, Thursday 9 March, Svetlana Svedova was sentenced for the murder of Ludmila Poletelova.

The 47-year-old was sentenced at Belfast Crown Court to serve a minimum of 16 years in custody.

Ludmila Poletelova, who was aged 61, was murdered in her home in Limavady in April 2021.

The results of a post mortem confirmed that Ms Poletelova’s death was caused by a severe head injury due to multiple blows.

Detective Inspector Claire McGarvey said: “This was a shocking attack in which Ludmila Poletelova was struck repeatedly, and ferociously, with a hammer.  The injuries sustained included multiple skull fractures due to over 50 blows to the head.

“We believe that Svedova went to Ludmila’s home during the afternoon of Tuesday 20 April 2021.  It’s here that the attack, which the defendant claims resulted from an argument, took place.

“Ludmila was found dead by a friend, in her own home, on the afternoon of Friday 23 April. 

“Svedova initially denied any wrongdoing and it was only after a thorough investigation and working closely with prosecutors in the Public Prosecution Service, that she eventually pleaded guilty.  The investigation was backed by CCTV footage and forensic evidence.”