We have a launched our 2021 Victim Satisfaction Survey. This survey helps us to monitor how well we are delivering our services and identify how we can improve the service we provide.

Adult victims of crime will receive a text message, which contains a link to the survey. Participation is voluntary and no personal details are requested in order to complete the survey. All information provided is anonymised, kept secure and confidential and used only to help us identify areas for improvement.

To provide reassurance that the text message is genuine, it will come from ‘PSNI’ and NOT a mobile number or 5 digit short code. The date the crime was reported will also be included in the text along with advice to contact 101 if you’d like to confirm that the survey is genuine.

We are committed to providing the best possible service to victims of crime so please take a few minutes to complete the survey. It can and does make a difference. We care, we listen, we act and we need your input to help us to improve policing for everyone.