Foyleside & The Moor City Centre Neighbourhood Team
Foyleside & The Moor City Centre Neighbourhood Team

Police in Derry City & Strabane are working with partners to reduce business crime across the city and District.

As part of a national week of action on business crime, which starts today, Monday, 17th October, the public will see increased, high visibility patrols in the city centre and in Strabane Town centre.  

“Businesses and retailers are what makes our city and town centres thrive. They provide much needed and essential services and employment in our communities,” said Inspector Luke Moyne. “We want our business owners and retailers to know we are here to support them; that our dedicated Neighbourhood and crime prevention officers are here to help and problem solve and advise them on how to protect themselves against criminals.”

Inspector Moyne said: “The impact this type of crime has is significant for business owners and retailers, their staff and the wider community. At a time when so many are facing financial pressure, it’s important everyone in the community works to reduce business crime.”

Various crime prevention activities and initiatives are planned for the week and involve working in partnership with City Centre Initiative, and Derry and Strabane Policing and Community Safety Partnership (PCSP). One of the initiatives includes a Safer Business Action Day, which involves patrols that target intervention of offenders. ‘Safe Shop’ training will be delivered to business owners to equip them with the skills to prevent crime and anti-social behaviour in their premises. ‘Safe Shop’ is provided by local police and crime prevention officers at no cost and covers issues such as preventing persons entry to premises and the power to remove them,  spotting the signs of a potential offender, how to prevent incidents using high level engagement techniques, and, what to do if an offence occurs, including powers of arrest.

Jim Roddy, City Centre Manager, said: "It's important we all work together to ensure the safety of everyone as they work in, or visit our city and town centres. It's equally important that we continue to work together on the reduction of retail crime. A strong and prosperous local economy is part of what drives our city forward, and improves social and economic conditions for those who live and work in the city. We must all play our part to ensure that the city remains a safe place for traders and customers and that we do all we can to support business owners and retailers in what is a challenging time." 

The Chair of Derry City and Strabane PCSP Alderman Darren Guy said: “It is important that our city and town centres are vibrant and safe places for all. We will continue to work with police and business partners to create a safe environment for traders and shoppers. Covid restrictions and the current economic crisis has been extremely challenging for our business sector and we will support any partnership to address concerns in relation to retail crime.”  

Inspector Moyne hopes the Week of Action will also encourage the reporting of business crime.

“We know business crime is under reported, and we're appealing to anyone who has been a victim of crime, or if you see something suspicious happening, to report it to us," said Inspector Moyne. "Your report helps us target our resources and develop a coordinated response through crime prevention interventions. We’ve had reports from the public about these type of incidents, which has helped us apprehend offenders. Your information makes a difference, and the faster you report it, the faster we can act.”

Inspector Moyne added: "Our officers, across the city and District, will continue to focus their efforts on disrupting repeat shoplifting offenders and provide support to the business community. Our aim, by working with partners and the local business owners and retailers, is to reduce this type of crime and make our city and town centres places where business crime will not be tolerated.”