Local Policing Review 2018 - Public Consultation

The consultation will run from 30th August, 2018 to 9th November 2018.

The Police Service of Northern Ireland in partnership with the Northern Ireland Policing Board have launched a public consultation on local policing.  

In 2015 PSNI reviewed policing structures in line with the Review of Public Administration and gave an undertaking to the Policing Board that they would review these changes to ensure their operational effectiveness.

This consultation is part of the Local Policing Review 2018 which will explore how police can best meet public needs and demands and deliver the most effective local policing.

The consultation will run from 30th August 2018 to 9th November 2018.

There are a number of ways you can take part.

You can access our priority simulator at https://psni.prioritysimulator.com/. The simulator will provide an insight into the complexity of policing and give you the opportunity to share your views on how PSNI can meet changing demands and priorities.

There is also the opportunity to give your views with three open questions attached to the simulator. If you prefer to simply answer these questions you can access them here https://psni.prioritysimulator.com/demographics.

You can also attend a public consultation meeting in your local area. Policing and Community Safety Partnerships will lead public consultation meetings at various locations throughout Northern Ireland.

Information gathered during the public consultation will be analysed by an independent company and the resulting report will be used to shape and inform local policing in the future.

The key driver for our future success is the confidence you have in us as a Police Service. This is why we need you, the community, to give your views on the future of local policing in Northern Ireland.

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