The Hallmarks Of Neighbourhood Policing

The Hallmarks of Neighbourhood Policing will empower local communities to co-develop and co-deliver a neighbourhood policing approach that works for them.

Hallmarks of Neighbourhood Policing provides a framework for consistently high-quality standards that local communities can expect from their local police.


The Hallmarks of Neighbourhood Policing define our approach to neighbourhood policing. They tell you what you can expect from your local police.

There are eight Neighbourhood Policing Hallmarks:

Hallmark #1 – Embedding the Right Culture

Hallmark #2 – Engaging Neighbourhoods

Hallmark #3 – Building Analytical Capability

Hallmark #4 – Solving Problems

Hallmark #5 – Targeting Activity

Hallmark #6 - Accountability

Hallmark #7 – Developing Officers and Staff

Hallmark #8 – Developing & Sharing Learning

You can read more about them here.

Hallmark #2 - Engaging Neighbourhoods

In this podcast two Inspectors discuss how Hallmark number two - Engaging Neighbourhoods helps build stronger relationships in their communities.