Detective Chief Superintendent Paula Hilman becomes the Superintendents’ Association of Northern Ireland (SANI) President

  • 01 June 2019

SANI Pres & Sec Pic.png

The Superintendents’ Association of Northern Ireland (SANI) have today welcomed their first ever female president -  Detective Chief Superintendent Paula Hilman.

With over 33 years’ policing service, Detective Chief Superintendent Hilman brings a wealth of experience to the Association having served across a range of roles and departments since joining the police in 1985.  In December 2017 Paula became Head of PSNI’s Public Protection Branch. Since 2013 she has a held a number of strategic and operationally challenging Superintendent and Chief Superintendent roles, which have given her an in-depth appreciation of the pressures and responsibilities carried by members of the Association. 

Detective Chief Superintendent Hilman said; “I am immensely proud to take on the role of President of the Superintendent’s Association  and represent what I truly believe to be one of the most distinctive and unique groups of leaders in policing, and indeed across the public sector. I look forward to working with our newly appointed Secretary Superintendent John Magill and with the PSNI Service Executive Team and colleagues in staff associations across the UK and Ireland.”

“Chief Superintendents and Superintendents manage significant areas of work and resources, they deal with some of the most serious incidents and issues affecting Northern Ireland and make high pressure decisions every day.  It is important that their leadership role and professionalism is recognised and that as an Association we provide our members with  support, leadership and a professional voice.”