Police vehicle attacked - Carrickfergus

Police vehicle attacked - Carrickfergus

The windscreen of a police vehicle has been smashed during an attack on a patrol in Carrickfergus.

Sergeant Brian Caskey explains: "Two officers were inside the car conducting a mobile patrol of the town when the incident occurred early this morning. The vehicle was exiting the Pinewood Avenue area at around 2am when a male dressed in a dark hooded jacket with his face covered emerged from an alleyway and threw a brick at the vehicle. The brick struck the windscreen in front of the driver, smashing it

This male then ran off back in the direction of the alleyway.

The officers were both left shaken but were physically unharmed.

This attack means that the patrol vehicle will be out of circulation while repairs are carried out. The person responsible needs to be identified and brought to justice. Anyone with information can contact police on 101."

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