Belfast man convicted of firearms offences sentenced to 18 months


A Belfast man convicted of firearms offences has been handed a sentence of 18 months today at Belfast Crown Court (Wednesday 4 July).

Weapons and ammunition were discovered during a search at the Foxes Glen home of 39 year old Edward Corr on 24 October 2016. He will now serve nine months in prison and nine months on licence.

Detective Chief Inspector Stuart Griffin said: "The weapons recovered during our search at Corr's home were clearly intended for use in terrorism and acts of violence and would undoubtedly have been used to kill or injure police officers or members of the public.   We should all be thankful that those in possession of these items were prevented from using them and the actions of police undoubtedly saved lives. Police will continue to combat the threat posed by dissident individuals and groups who plan to use violence to further their agendas.

 “We will continue to work diligently to bring before the courts any individual who involves themselves in terrorist activity in any way.  We would encourage people in the community to continue to work with us to reduce the threat posed by such reckless individuals.   Anyone who becomes involved in activity linked to terrorism should be in no doubt that police are determined to use every lawful opportunity to reduce the harm they pose to our community by putting evidence before the courts and allowing the criminal justice system to keep people safe.”