Statement from Chief Constable following Barnard Judgment

  • 05 July 2019

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Commenting on today’s judgment Chief Constable Simon Byrne said: “Our thoughts first and foremost, are with the Barnard family and those with them in court today.  They like too many other families have suffered as a result of the Troubles and, understandably, they continue to seek answers in respect of the deaths of their loved ones.

“I accept today’s judgment and, while we will take time to consider the fullness of its implications, we will now commence work to appoint the Independent Police Team to conduct an analytical report on collusion as ordered by the court.”

We note that there has been media reporting that the court has ordered an independent investigation into these incidents.  This is not the case, the judgment concluded (at paragraph 75) that:

“(i)   The respondent cannot rely on Article 2 of the convention because of the passage of time.

(ii)   We accept that the respondent had a procedural legitimate expectation that an analytical report on collusion would be carried out by an independent police team.

(iii)   The LIB is not sufficiently independent for the purpose of carrying out such a report.

(iv)   We do not consider that an Order of Mandamus is appropriate.”

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