Searches in Larne

  • 06 September 2016

Searches in Larne

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Assistant Chief Constable Will Kerr, Head of PSNI's Crime Operations Department said:

"Since 24th August an extensive search operation has taken place in the Larne area. Police have searched 12 separate locations and recovered a significant amount of terrorist material including explosive devices, component parts for explosives, chemicals for use in bomb making, ammunition and a firearm. These searches were part of a joint, ongoing, police operation between PSNI and the Metropolitan Police Service in London."

ACC Kerr added: "I would like to thank the community of Larne for their patience while these searches were ongoing. I am aware of the disruption this has caused to local residents and am extremely grateful for their co-operation and understanding. However, as I am sure the people living in Larne will understand, we will take no chances where their safety is concerned and, as a result of the significant terrorist material recovered, I am confident that the area, and Northern Ireland in general, is safer as a result. "

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