Chief Constable’s statement following meetings on Community Policing in Crossmaglen and South Armagh area

  • 07 January 2020

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My tweet on Christmas Day was never meant as a comment on the community of Crossmaglen and South Armagh Area and I am sorry for any offence that has been caused.

I have reflected on the issue at length and have had many conversations with both colleagues and external stakeholders, up to and including a number of meetings with elected representatives yesterday and today.

Since taking up the post of Chief Constable, I have been looking at the visibility, accessibility and responsiveness of policing right across Northern Ireland. As part of that ongoing work, I have commissioned a review of policing in South Armagh. The review will involve local officers, elected representatives and the local community.

I am really proud of the local officers, who working together with local people, have made so much progress for policing and the community in recent years. It is only by working together that we will continue to make progress.

Keeping People Safe