Chief Constable's response to soft testing of new ideas

  • 08 June 2020


Chief Constable Simon Byrne said : “I am aware that our soft testing of new ideas before consultation to deal with our look and appearance in the public domain has provoked a mixed set of reactions.

“In the spirit of openness and transparency these ideas have been shared internally, with the Policing Board and with other stakeholders. There will be consultation later in the summer to trial our new ideas around a corporate brand, vehicle livery and in due course a new uniform, reflecting the values of the Police Service.  All this work to date has happened in house and costs thus far have been cost neutral.

“These proposals reflect the style and tone I set out to the Policing Board upon my appointment about being more visible and accessible as a Police Service.  There is a journey to travel before ideas are finalised and presented to the Policing Board.

“The term PSNI is an acronym that has no basis in law and our proposals are based around retaining the crest and the name Police Service of Northern Ireland at the heart of what we do.”