7,228 Days in Custody for Offenders Managed by Belfast Reducing Offending Unit

  • 09 November 2016

7,228 Days in Custody for Offenders Managed by Belfast Reducing Offending Unit

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From April 2016 to September 2016, offenders managed by Belfast’s Reducing Offending Unit (ROU) spent a total of 7,228 days in custody.  The unit, which is staffed by 30 officers, manages 119 people. 

Explaining how the multi-agency approach works, and how the unit has contributed to a 9% reduction in crime in Belfast this year, Inspector Jocelyn Wise, Police Service of Northern Ireland says:

“Reducing offending in partnership has a three-stranded approach.’ Prevent and Deter’, which aims to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour involving young people through early identification and effective intervention strategies. ‘Catch and Control’ is then a pro-active approach by police and partner agencies against those individuals who persist in their offending behaviour.  The third strand, ‘Rehabilitate and Resettle’ involves all agencies working together to provide a gateway out of crime. 

 “Reducing offending in partnership is about focusing on the offender as opposed to the crime. Offenders who are causing the most harm within the local communities are identified by the Units.  By sharing information and maintaining daily contact with partners, offenders are managed more effectively. The fact that one officer is assigned to the offender assists in this process. That officer will be aware of the offender’s history; they will attend all court proceedings relating to the person make representation for bail conditions; ensure bail checks happen and meet with representatives from other agencies to discuss progress and options.

Inspector Wise adds: “Reducing Offending can be defined as bringing together the right agencies to ensure that the right interventions are undertaken with the right offenders at the right time.”

The table below details arrests, charges and reports made by the Reducing Offending Unit in Belfast. 

Arrests, Charges and Reports made by the Reducing Offending Unit in Belfast
 ArrestChargeReportSentenced PersonsRemanded Persons
April 20163748702926
May 201638100352025
June 20163553232121
July 20164867251715
August 20162337151522
September 201670127142524


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