Firearms online application process to go live

  • 11 January 2017

Firearms online application process to go live


As part of the Police Service of Northern Ireland’s ongoing commitment to improving the service it provides to the firearm community, Firearms and Explosives Branch will be introducing a new online application process from Monday 16th January 2017.

From 16th January onwards,  anyone applying for initial/re-grant and variation of a firearm certificate will be able to complete the application form online.  You can access the application form on the NI Direct website

Discussing the new application process Nichola Murphy, Head of Firearms and Explosives Branch, said: “We have been working with our key stakeholders, Firearm Certificate Holders, our internal IT Department, the Department of Justice and NI Direct to develop a robust online application process. The new application method will reduce the requirement for manual entry of data and payment by cheque/postal order which in turn will allow us to process the applications more efficiently and effectively.

“We have developed a short film which allows members of the public to go through the online process.  It can be viewed at .

“In addition, we have developed detailed guidelines which can be accessed from the Firearms section of our website from the 16th January which will assist the applicant when completing their online application form.

“We also held a number of roadshows across Northern Ireland in November last year to allow Firearm Certificate Holders, Dealers and Target Club members the opportunity to see how the new application process works.  We have provided a significant number of laptops to Firearms Dealers and Target Clubs which in turn will enable Firearm Certificate Holders to complete the online application while on their premises.

“Coupled with this, we have also been working with local elected representatives and are in the process of training a number of their staff on the new online application process.”

The proposal is to continue the dual system for a period of six months ahead of any final decision to remove the paper option.

A Frequently Asked Question section  is available at

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