PSNI takes part in multi police service training operation to develop response to international terrorist attacks

  • 11 October 2018

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The PSNI has taken part in a major two day training exercise, along with a number of police services from across Europe, to develop and test their response to multiple and simultaneous terrorist attacks at different locations.

The PSNI training exercise was one of a number which ran simultaneously across Europe, covering air, land and sea as part of the ATLAS Common Challenge 2018.

Speaking about the training exercise, Detective Superintendent Daphne Duffy, said: “Over the past two days, specialist units from a number of police services across Europe have taken part in training operations as part of the ATLAS exercise. The operation simulated the identification of a terrorist cell planning on conducting a large scale attack and was designed to test and develop our ability to respond rapidly to multiple and simultaneous terror attacks, at different locations.

“This large scale counter terrorism exercise reinforced cooperation between specialist units within the PSNI and other police services across Europe and further developed our ability to rapidly react to the threat of international terror attacks.  I welcome being involved in training exercises such as this one as training is essential in ensuring that police officers are prepared and ready to deal with all eventualities in a proportionate way.”

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