Changes to Firearms Banded System

  • 13 May 2016

Changes to Firearms Banded System

The Department of Justice has today, Friday 13 May introduced changes in relation to one-on one-off transactions for firearms.  The new system will allow people to exchange a specific band of firearms within a dealership.

A key aspect of the changes to the Firearms (NI) Order 2004 through the Justice (No.2) Act 2016 relates to the new Dealer Banded System. The main rules to the Banded System are:

  • The banded system only applies to the rifles and specifically calibres listed in the bands. 
  • A Firearm Certificate (FAC) holder may exchange a rifle for another rifle if they are both in the same band. 
  • All muzzle loading rifles and prohibited weapons are excluded. 
  • The replacement rifle being taken onto the certificate must not be the same calibre as a rifle already held on that FAC.The banded exchange system can only be used for rifles which are conditioned for quarry use or dual conditioned for quarry and target use. It cannot be used for rifles solely conditioned for target use. 
  • The rifle type/action may change in a banded transaction.

Discussing the new system, Head Firearms Explosives Branch, Nichola Murphy said: “The introduction of the new Banded System allows members of the public to exchange a firearm within a specific band (one-on-one-off transaction). 

“Each transaction will cost £15 and can be completed electronically through the secure Government website, ‘NI Direct Pay It’ process.”

A list of transactions will be available on our website. This is not an exhaustive list and will evolve as the new process progresses.

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