Pair charged following Paramilitary Crime Task Force Operation

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A 32 year old man arrested on Friday, 13 April, as part of a proactive operation by the Paramilitary Crime Task Force has been charged with brothel keeping and concealing criminal property. He is expected to appear at Belfast Magistrates court on Monday 16 April.

A 22 year old woman arrested later on Friday as part of the same operation, has been charged with controlling prostitution and brothel keeping. She is also expected to appear at Belfast Magistrates court on Monday.

As is usual procedure the charges will be reviewed by the Public Prosecution Service (PPS).

A 48 year old man arrested in connection with alleged trafficking and controlling prostitution offences has been released pending a report to the PPS.

Detectives conducting this operation, which focuses on the activities of the INLA, last night (Saturday) arrested a 55 year old man in the greater Belfast area under terrorism legislation. Three other men detained on Friday under terrorism legislation remain in custody.

A total of seven people were arrested as part of this operation, three in connection with alleged offences related to controlling prostitution and four under the Terrorism Act.

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