Special Event to Celebrate 75 Years of ‘Women in Policing’

  • 15 November 2018

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A special event has been organised by the Police Service of Northern Ireland to mark the 75th anniversary of women in policing and celebrate their achievements.

The event, which is being held in Stormont today, Thursday 15th November, will hear from a range of speakers, including Chief Constable George Hamilton, Assistant Chief Constable Barbara Gray along with retired Royal Ulster Constabulary George Cross Superintendent, Kate Carlisle MBE and Baroness May Blood.

Discussing the event, Assistant Chief Constable Barbara Gray said: “A new era for policing in Northern Ireland began in 1943 when six women joined the Royal Ulster Constabulary.  They were trailblazers and have broken down barriers by leading the way for those involved in policing today.

“It is incumbent on us, within the police service today, to continue to do the same for those women who will follow in our footsteps. We want to see women continue to be empowered to contribute to a wide variety of roles, to bring their unique style and skills to some of the most difficult situations people within our society experience.

“We are a richer organisation; and a richer and better society as a result of the contribution that women are making to our world.  This event is an important opportunity to reflect on how far we have come; and as we look to the future, to support and encourage the next generations to continue the journey that began 75 years ago.”

During the event, attendees will have the opportunity to take a trip down memory lane with an exhibition on display showcasing artefacts and memorabilia of Women and Policing over the past 75 years, courtesy of the Police Museum.

Thanking all those who attended the event, Assistant Chief Constable Gray added: “It is a privilege to be involved in policing. To serve the public and do everything that we can to keep people safe by detecting crime, preventing harm and protecting those who are vulnerable. 

“The Police Service of Northern Ireland provides so much opportunity for women today. Whether as a police officer or a member of police staff, policing is a career that offers so much potential for personal development, job satisfaction and one that makes a difference to society.

“We are daughters, carers, sisters, mums, grandmothers, partners. We are resilient, we are problem solvers, we multi task; we offer a unique perspective and bring a diversity to the new challenges that we face in policing today.”