Promoting 101 in Causeway Coast & Glens

Promoting 101 in Causeway Coast & Glens

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Make the right call: If it’s not 999, it’s 101

Do you know which number to ring if you need the police and it’s not an emergency? In 2014 we launched our 101 number and today we are working with Causeway Coast & Glens Policing and Community Safety Partnership to remind the public how easy it is to contact us.

Superintendent Jeremy Lindsay explains: "Many people have recognised the biggest benefit of 101 is that it is easy to remember and can be dialled from anywhere in Northern Ireland however recent consultation carried out by the PCSP shows that some people are still unsure about how and when to contact their local police.

"Over the coming weeks you will see a concerted effort by your local officers, supported by our PCSP colleagues, to promote the 101 number and inform people about how to use it. By making it clear when to dial 101 non-emergency and when to dial ‘999’ we can ensure that real emergencies are dealt with appropriately resulting in a much more efficient and effective service for everyone."

Alderman William King, PCSP Chair, added: "It is important that the public are clear about how to go about reporting a crime or contacting police for assistance. We hope that this campaign will remind people of the correct use of 101 and 999."

When to call 101:

If you are making a general enquiry, wanting to pass on information about crime in your area, or reporting a crime that has already happened then 101 is the number to call. Calls will be charged at a flat rate of 15 pence, irrespective of the length of the call.

All 101 calls are answered by professional call handling staff who have received specialist training and are regularly assessed. 

If a crime is in progress, or somebody is in immediate danger, always call ‘999’.

The 101 non-emergency number operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

101 is a UK only Service.  Callers in the Republic of Ireland, or roaming on an Irish network, can still contact Police Service of Northern Ireland on + 44 2890 650222. 

Have you been the victim or witness to a crime or incident?

By reporting crime you are helping us keep your community safer.

If you have been a witness to a crime and wish to remain anonymous, please contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

CALL 999

In an emergency where you need immediate assistance or feel threatened


CALL 101

In a non emergency where you need assistance and/or advice



Quick and easy way to report non emergency incidents