Police officers rescue man from Lough Neagh

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Police officers rescue man from Lough Neagh

Police received a report that a car had entered the water at Lough Road in Antrim shortly before 12.30am this morning, Sunday 22 October.

Police responded and discovered the car partially submerged in water. The weather conditions were poor with high winds and the waters rough. The car had taken in a substantial amount of water and was at risk of drifting further from the shore.

The male driver was suffering from hypothermia, was unresponsive and unable to exit the car of his own accord. Four officers entered the water and were able to rescue the male driver from the car and search it to ensure there were no other passengers. The rescued man was taken to hospital for treatment.

Inspector Claire Gilbert said: "I commend the brave actions of these officers in ensuring the safety of the member of public. The swift action of the Police officers involved who, in treacherous conditions placed themselves at personal risk, were key to saving this man’s life. This is an excellent example of the commitment of officers in keeping people safe which resulted in a young man's life being saved last night."

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