Joseph Dolan sentenced for manslaughter of Pauline Kilkenny

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Pauline Kilkenny

Detectives from the PSNI’s Major Investigation Team have welcomed the sentencing handed down to 29 year old Joseph Dolan for the manslaughter of 59 year old Pauline Kilkenny.

At Laganside Crown Court, today, Friday, 28 February 29 year old Joseph Dolan was  given  an indeterminate sentence of 10 years imprisonment for the manslaughter of Pauline Kilkenny.

Detective Chief Inspector John Caldwell, who led the investigation said: “First and foremost my thoughts today go out to Pauline’s family who have had to come to terms with her brutal murder and live with the emptiness her death has left in their lives. 

“Joseph Dolan is a dangerous man who subjected Pauline to a violent and brutal attack, stabbing her numerous times.  Following his ferocious assault he cold-heartedly left her alone on her bedroom floor in a pool of blood, not caring how long she would lie there or who would find her.   He then calmly left the house, took Pauline’s car and drove off, before being arrested by police.

“Pauline showed him nothing but kindness and friendship during the time he lived in her home.  She did this out of the goodness of her heart and he repaid her thoughtfulness by murdering her.

Detective Chief Inspector Caldwell concluded:  “Today’s sentencing won’t bring Pauline back to her family, but I hope it will bring comfort to them knowing that Joseph Dolan is now in prison, paying the price for taking Pauline’s life.”

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