Police Service of Northern Ireland reaffirms its commitment to improving diversity and inclusion

  • 28 June 2020

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Since 2017 the Police Service of Northern Ireland has been working with the UK charity LGBT+ Stonewall by participating in their workplace equality index. Every year the Police Service of Northern Ireland completes a submission to the Stonewall index. Participating employers in the Stonewall index demonstrate their work in 10 areas of employment policy and practice. Staff from across the organisation also complete an anonymous survey about their experiences of diversity and inclusion at work.

Organisations then receive their feedback, enabling them to understand what’s going well and where they need to focus their efforts, as well as see how they’ve performed in comparison with their sector and region. The 100 best-performing organisations are celebrated publicly. Stonewall Diversity Champions benefit from in-depth, tailored feedback on their submission. 

David Johnston, Police Service of Northern Ireland’s Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion said: “The Stonewall Workplace Equality Index is an important benchmarking tool for us. The feedback we receive enables us to improve our policies and practices, making them more inclusive for all employees, including those from lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender backgrounds. As an organisation we will continue to work with a range of internal and external partners and stakeholders to further improve our approach to representativeness and inclusivity. We aspire to take our service into the Stonewall Top 100 employers. While there is no submission this year due to Covid-19, feedback we received from the last Stonewall index has been formed into an action plan which we will work off for the year ahead.”

Constable Paul Bloomer, Co-Chair of our LGBT+ Network, said: “The LGBT+ Network is committed to supporting the organisation in improving its position in the Stonewall index and assisting with improving its policies regarding LGBT+ related issues. We are currently developing several areas of work with other relevant departments aimed at improving LGBT related issues. Our participation in Stonewall doesn’t just benefit LGBT+ employees it helps our service improve it’s policies over the full range of diversity and inclusion areas.

“Our Network’s aim is to empower LGBT+ Police officers and staff to be themselves in work. While we believe that much has improved for LGBT+ employees over the past three years we do however understand there is much work left to do in order to improve organisational practice and policy especially regarding members of the transgender community within our organisation. We are pleased to continue to work with Stonewall, so we can identify more areas of development for ourselves and the organisation in order to create an environment where people can be their true authentic self at work.”

To find out more information on the Stonewall and the Stonewall Diversity Champions index please visit www.stonewall.org.uk