Online Firearm Application Form – Referee Update

  • 30 January 2017

Online Firearm Application Form – Referee Update

We have been made aware that a small number of Referees are experiencing difficulties with approving an applicant’s Firearm Application Form.

We can confirm that there are no issues with the IT system, however, there a number of Referee difficulties which include;

  • Any Referee trying to access the system AFTERthe seven day window has passed.  If a Referee does not approve the applicant’s details within the seven day period then the application will be cancelled and the applicant will receive a refund.  Please approve or decline the application within the seven day window.
  • If a Referee is unable to access the application directly from the link in their email.  This could be due to a number of reasons; the Referees internet browser facility may not be up to date or alternatively the browser may be unsupported or in the case of some devices, ‘a third party cookie issue’ may prevent access to the application.

The Solution

  • If experiencing difficulties accessing the application from the link in the email then please browse the PSNI website following the instructions below: 
  • A few referees stated that they did not receive an email.  Referees who feel that they did not receive an email, please check their junk mail folder as a number of devices may not trust third party sources.

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