Nominated Neighbour Scheme

  • 2nd December 2016

Nominated Neighbour Scheme

This is an initiative in partnership with the Commissioner for Older People.  If an unrecognised caller comes to the address of an older person when they are alone in the house, the caller will be handed a card instructing them to contact their Nominated Neighbour, who will then try and check the caller’s identity.

The scheme seeks the help of neighbours or relatives to check whether unexpected callers are genuine, especially those calling on more vulnerable members of the community.

You get a card to hold up to the window or door telling the caller that you do not recognise them and to go to your Nominated Neighbour. That person will then try to check the caller’s identity. A genuine caller will not mind following the instructions on the card.

Download your Nominated Neighbour Cards here:

I Do Not recognise you.png