April 2022

April's programme will feature the appeals listed below:

Theft of petrol, Falls Road, Belfast 

We are investigating a theft at a filling station on the Falls Road, Belfast. 

At approximately 5:49pm on 2nd December 2021, a male is seen on CCTV entering the store after filling his car with £82 worth of fuel. The male then walks up to the cashier and informed them that he had left his wallet at home but, by agreed of the cashier, he would return back to pay for the fuel. The male then left the store and didn’t return. Enquires have confirmed that the vehicle was displaying false plates. 

Description of suspect: 

White male, 5ft 8, stocky build, wearing dark navy clothing and a beanie hat. He has an Irish accent.


Robberies, North Belfast

Police are investigating a series of robberies in Cavehill and Antrim Road areas of North Belfast earlier this year. 

These incidents took place in two separate shops on the Cavehill Road on 30th January and 9th February and then in an Antrim Road shop on 20th February. The three armed robberies were reported over a three-week period involving a masked male suspect who, on each occasion, threatened staff with a knife before demanding and fleeing with money from the till.

Description of suspects:

Male, stocky build, wearing green hooded jacket (possibly Lyle & Scott) in two of the robberies and a blue Under Armour hooded jacket in the other. 


Aggravated burglary, My Lady's Road, Belfast

Police are investigating an aggravated burglary at My Lady’s Road, Belfast. 

At approximately 7:05pm on 12th March 2022, three masked men pushed their way into an elderly couple’s house and demanded money. When the female resident advised they did not have any money, one of the men produced a hammer and began to smash items in the living room and hallway. The elderly lady was then pushed into the living room and the 80 year old man was pushed back onto the sofa when he tried to confront them. Before leaving the home empty handed, they smashed a mirror in the hallway before leaving via the front door, jumping the garden gate and making their escape on foot towards Ravenhill Street. Both victims had injuries to their hands and arms.

Description of suspects:

Suspect 1 - 5’10-5’11, slim build, with distinctive mole/beauty spot on top left lip, wearing dark hooded jacket, light grey tracksuit bottoms, possibly wearing a Rangers jersey underneath, blue and black working gloves.

Suspect 2 and 3 - males were slightly shorter, similar build with dark clothing and black face masks.

£76,110 scam, Armagh

Police are investigating a £76,110 scam in County Armagh. 

On 13th of March 2022, a couple from County Armagh were scammed after receiving a call from a person claiming they were from 'The Fraud Squad' of police in London. The male victim was told his account had been hacked and to check it. When he noticed a transaction on his account he didn't make, he was told to create a separate account to transfer funds. Both the man and his wife did this and, in total, £76,110 was transferred from their accounts to the scammer/s.

Police are appealing for anyone with information about this scam, or to those who may have fallen victim to a similar scam to come forward to CrimeStoppers or Police. 

Attempted theft, ATM damage, Ballysillan Road, North Belfast

Police are investigating the attempted theft and explosion at an ATM on the Ballysillan Road, North Belfast. 

At approximately 01:00am on 1st March 2022, a person approaches the ATM and tampers with it, going back and forth for a number of minutes. The suspect then appears to strike the screen 4-5 times before securing an explosive type device to the ATM and running away to the entrance of Ballysillan Park. An explosion is then seen to take place. The suspect then returns to examine the ATM, leaving the area on foot, empty handed through the park again. 

The explosion cost approximately £19,000 of damage to the ATM.

Description of suspects:

Male, tall, approx. 5’10, slim build, wearing loose fitting black jacket, grey tracksuit bottoms, black footwear and black gloves. Possibly a black mask/balaclava.


Criminal Damage, Carrickfergus

Police are investigating criminal damage in Northland and Oakwood Road, Carrickfergus. 

At approximately 01:00-02:00am on 5th February 2022, police attended the Northland area in relation to a report of a car having been badly keyed. A further 8 similar reports were received of ‘keying’ damage in the Northland through to Oakwood Road area. CCTV shows a male at 01:10am walking along Northland from North Road direction towards Woodburn Road. He is then seen walking alongside a grey Hyundai Kona, where a scrape can be heard as he walks past. The male then stops at the bonnet and can be seen and heard ‘scoring’ into it using something in his right hand. 

Description of suspects:

White male, wearing a black padded coat with hood up and white emblem on left breast, dark skinny jogging bottoms and dark trainers.


Key Cloning, Ballymena

Police are investigating an incident of key cloning in Rosedale, Ballymena.

At approximately 01:34am on 1st February 2022, a male victim had his vehicle stolen. He stated he returned home from work at 10:05pm on 31st January 2022 and pared his BMW M4 in the driveway. The male then went to leave to go to work at 05:15am on 1st February and his vehicle was no longer there. Two males are seen on CCTV smearing toothpaste across the CCTV camera at the front of his house at 01:33am. A second camera then captures the two males using a specialised electronic device to open and drive the vehicle away. The vehicle is valued at approximately £40,000.

Description of suspects:

Two males, wearing dark clothing. 

Assault, Donegal Square East, Belfast

Police are investigating a serious assault at Donegal Square East, Belfast. 

At approximately 01:00am on 31st July 2021, CCTV shows a male victim, standing in a group, being approached by another male dressed in all dark clothing. The two males exchange words for short time before the male offender punches the victim in the face sending him backwards landing on the ground. As the male victim hits the ground the same male offender appears to kick him before being dragged off by other persons present. The male victim then appears again a short time later, staggering and holding his jaw. The male victim has suffered a broken jaw and had two teeth dislodged as a result of this assault.

Description of suspect:

Black male, blue jeans, black shoes, black polo shirt with a motif on left side of chest.  Short black hair.


Serious Assault, Queen Street, Ballymena

Police are investigating a serious assault in Queen Street, Ballymena. 

At approximately 01:45am on 13th February 2022, a person was walking down Queen Street and was assaulted an unknown male, who was accompanied by a female. A local resident heard the commotion outside and went over to assist the male who was lying in the street and called for an ambulance straight away. The male was brought to hospital and suffered a broken jaw. 

Description of suspect:

Male, late teens to early 20’s, average height, stocky build and short brown hair.

Criminal Damage, Stranmillis, Belfast

Police are investigating criminal damage, graffiti, Belfast.

At approximately 2:05am on 2nd December 2021, a female is seen on CCTV spraying graffiti outside the Stranmillis Evangelical Church. A male is also seen to be present. The graffiti depicts a devil like figure with horns and alongside are the letters AE/AC and is being treated as a hate motivated crime. After the graffiti, the couple make off in the direction of the University area.

Description of suspects:

Female, early to mid-20's in age, long blonde hair, approximately 5'3 - 5'5 in height, wearing a black beanie hat, black coat with fur around the hood, black trousers and shoes.

Male, early to mid-20's in age, baseball cap, glasses, approximately 5'10 in height, wearing a navy coat, dark trousers, dark shoes and carrying a blue carrier bag.


BikeSafe Feature 

The Police Service of Northern Ireland is just one of the 36 Police services across the UK who deliver the nationally accredited BikeSafe Programme.

Every day in the UK there are 60 serious motorcycle related road traffic accidents. 16 involve life-changing injuries, with at least one daily fatality. In Northern Ireland motorcyclists make up just 1% of road users but account for 19% of road deaths.  In 2021 14 riders lost their lives on our roads.  The BikeSafe programme, delivered through workshops and supervised rides with advanced police motorcyclists is key to addressing these statistics and this is why professional police riders from all over the UK are united through BikeSafe to help riders to recognise the benefits of investing in ongoing post-test rider training. 

This month Crime NI attended 2 local workshops to find out more about how the programme is working with riders to save lives on our roads.