Twitter Guidance

The Police Service of Northern Ireland is committed to communicating and engaging with everyone on Social Media and listening to your views, opinions and ideas. By following us you can keep up-to-date with everything we do, and the advice we give, to keep people safe.

The Police Service of Northern Ireland has a number of Twitter channels providing you with updates about traffic disruption, appeals, crime stats and much more.  

The Police Service of Northern Ireland’s Twitter accounts have been set up to inform the public about news, appeals, events and incidents which may cause disruption.

If you follow our accounts you can expect updates on:

  • Operational updates about major events.
  • News about how the PSNI is keeping people safe.
  • Appeals for information and assistance.
  • Crime prevention advice.
  • Local community events.
  • Information from our emergency service partners relevant to your safety and wellbeing.
  • Information about our campaigns.

This list represents some of the information we Tweet, however we want to build an online community and cannot do that without your support, view and ideas. If you want to see information about a particular subject, please let us know and we can keep people safe together.

Users are reminded that they are responsible for any comments made on any social media platform. Malicious communications using Twitter may constitute a criminal offence and be dealt with accordingly.


If you follow us on Twitter we will not automatically follow you back. This is done to discourage the use of direct messaging and so that you can easily identify other key Twitter users who are relevant to our work and who you may also wish to follow. Being followed by The Police Service of Northern Ireland does not imply endorsement of any kind.


We are unable to monitor Twitter 24 hours a day. Twitter should not be used to report crime. If you or any other person is in immediate danger, or if a crime is currently being committed please dial 999. If you want to contact the Police Service of Northern Ireland and it is not an emergency, please dial 101. You can also report some times of crime using our online crime reporting form here. 


Images posted on any of our Twitter feeds may be re-used, provided they are not for a commercial purpose and The Police Service of Northern Ireland is sufficiently cited as the source.


We will update and monitor Twitter, however the Twitter service may occasionally be unavailable. The Police Service of Northern Ireland accepts no responsibility for lack of service during Twitter downtime.