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The Roadsafe Roadshow is sponsored by AXA Insurance.  This partnership initiative was conceived in 2001 by Police Road Education Officers all of who were experienced Road Policing Officers.

Statistically the 17-24 age group, and in particular males were disproportionately over represented in fatal collisions.

Officers recognised that the only prospect of success lay in a focused, targeted and joined up approach, involving multiple partner agencies.

This is a Northern Ireland initiative that has been replicated, in varying formats, by other Police services across the world.

It has been delivered to at least a quarter of a million young people in Northern Ireland, and to millions of young people across the world.

The Roadshow deals with the reality of a road traffic collision: real trauma; real pain; and the real consequences of making the wrong decision behind the wheel of a car.

The Roadshow shows the impact on health, career now or in the future, insurance, family, friends and the community.

Our Road Safe Roadshow makes no apologies for being hard hitting and it may help to save the lives of young people.