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The Roadsafe Roadshow is sponsored by AXA Insurance.  This partnership initiative was conceived in 2001 by Police Road Education Officers all of who were experienced Road Policing Officers.

Statistically the 17-24 age group, and in particular males were disproportionately over represented in fatal collisions.

Officers recognised that the only prospect of success lay in a focused, targeted and joined up approach, involving multiple partner agencies.

This is a Northern Ireland initiative that has been replicated, in varying formats, by other Police services across the world.

It has been delivered to at least a quarter of a million young people in Northern Ireland, and to millions of young people across the world.

Roadsafe Roadshow Crash Mock-Up

Educating Future Drivers

We have been working with AXA, who sponsor this valuable road safety experience, for over 22 years.

Our aim is to educate Northern Ireland's young and future drivers on the dangers of driving and the importance of road safety. 

The Police Service of Northern Ireland Roadsafe Roadshow mixes theatre, video and first-hand accounts from police and emergency services to expose the dangers of driving. Family members of victims to road accidents will also share their stories.

Each school year, the Police Service of Northern Ireland Roadsafe Roadshow brings this valuable and unique experience to local communities around Northern Ireland to help support and protect our future drivers.

Roadsafe Roadshow Group Photo

During our Roadsafe Roadshow, upon arrival students will walk into a club atmosphere with music blaring. The atmosphere is designed to uplift them and make them feel comfortable. The mood changes when an actor playing Craig, an inexperienced young driver, has a tragic accident with his girlfriend in the car. Our actors present a scene that has happened all too often.

The presentation will shock and educate our young people who will have a newfound responsibility to respect the roads.

Most importantly they come away knowing that they can help others by spreading the message of road safety.

Police Service of Northern Ireland Roadsafe Roadshow Trailer

The Police Service of Northern Ireland Road Safe Roadshow makes no apologies for being hard hitting and it may help to save the lives of young people. Please watch our trailer to get a sense of the Roadshow (Warning, some viewers may find the scenes distressing).

Police Service of Northern Ireland Roadsafe Roadshow Trailer