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Our Initiatives

Find out more about our initiatives within the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

Penalty Notices for Disorder

Penalty Notices for Disorder provide us with a way to deal with public disorder offences quickly and, if complied with, the offender does not need to be taken through the court system.

Policing and Mental Health Related Incidents

Mental health pracititioners and paramedics are working alongside police officers as part of a pilot project, aimed at providing on-the-spot help to vulnerable adults with mental health difficulties.

Project Servator

Project Servator aims to disrupt a range of criminal activity, including terrorism, while providing a reassuring presence for the public.

Security Systems

Learn more about police response to security systems, including intruder alarms.

Stop and Search

Stop and Search is an operational tool used by police to prevent, detect and investigate crime as well as to bring offenders to justice. 

Victim Satisfaction Survey

The victim satisfaction survey allows us to monitor how well we are delivering our services and to identify areas for improvement.