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Sexual assault and abuse can happen to anyone. Regardless of disability, age, race, gender or sexual orientation.

Sexual Consent Myths and Facts

Learn the truth about rape and sexual assault. Don't let myths make you blame yourself or doubt it's a crime. We're here to help.

Don't believe the myths

Understanding sexual consent and the support available

It can be incredibly daunting coming forward to the police and reporting what happened. Victims often have many questions and reservations that can stop them from getting help and support.            

These can include:

  • What is sexual consent? Have I been abused?
  • I think I’ve been sexually assaulted, what will happen if I report to the Police?
  • What support is available to me?
  • What happens if my case goes to court?
Sexual Consent | What happens if I report to the police?


Our animation addresses what constitutes sexual consent and takes you through what happens, in simple terms, from initial reporting to court

Sexual Consent Toolkit
Sexual Consent Toolkit

Sexual Consent Toolkit

We want to ensure that everyone knows and understands what it means to give and receive sexual consent. The Police Service of Northern Ireland's sexual consent toolkit encompasses a series of new assets and messaging that you can use to help reach all communities.

Please download and share the animation, posters and graphics outlined in our toolkit so that we can reach as many people with this message as possible.

Download Sexual Consent Toolkit


We know it’s hard to report but do not be afraid to report. We will support you every step of the way.

You can find more advice and information on sexual consent on the No Grey Zone website.

Call the Police Service of Northern Ireland on 101 or contact the 24 Hour Domestic and Sexual Abuse Helpline on 0808 802 1414 In an emergency always call 999.