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What is BikeSafe?

BikeSafe is a national police-led motorcycle road safety scheme, aimed at working with bikers in a relaxed environment. The idea is to raise awareness of key risks and to create a genuine desire to progress to accredited post-test training. BikeSafe aims to bridge the gap between passing your motorcycle test and becoming a more confident and skilful advanced rider.

What does it involve?

A BikeSafe workshop is a one day event incorporating a morning classroom based session looking at key areas of motorcycle safety, including:

  • Hazard Awareness
  • Positioning
  • Cornering
  • Overtaking
  • Observation
  • Group Riding

This is followed by an on-road observed ride-out with a police motorcyclist.

It’s a fun, informal day and the benefits could last a lifetime.

What can BikeSafe do for you?

A BikeSafe workshop will provide a taster of safer riding techniques. You will receive a Certificate of Completion, a free “goodie bags” stuffed with biking-related items and an opportunity to benefit from incentives, such as a discount on insurance costs and advanced training fees.

Further Information

BikeSafe workshops are delivered at locations across Northern Ireland, including Newtownards, Belfast, Ballymena, Enniskillen and Newry.

For more information or to book your place on a workshop near you visit the Bikesafe website.

BikeSafe in Northern Ireland