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If you are travelling today, please stay safe on our roads; slow down, don't be careless, always wear a seatbelt, stay off your mobile phone and never drink or take drugs before driving.

Stay alive. Get to know the fatal five. More than a statistic. Drive safe. 1. Don't drink and drive. 2. Slow down. 3. Don't get careless. 4. Belt up. 5. Stay off your phone.

Drink Or Drug Driving

Some of the side effects of alcohol or drugs on your body include:

  • Making you drowsy
  • Changes in your hearing, vision and perception
  • Affects your co-ordination

Impaired driving increases your chances of being involved in a collision. If you are detected drink driving at court there is a possibility you could be handed a ban from driving for at least 12 months.

He missed it because the driver had one more for the road. More than a statistic. Drive safe.

Never Use Your Mobile Phone While Driving

Nowadays when driving there are multiple distractions we are faced with during our journey. Passengers in the vehicle, changing the radio, checking the sat nav, looking elsewhere other than the road ahead. However, the biggest distraction is our mobile phones.

The length of time it takes for you to check your phone could result in you being involved in a collision.  

If detected driving while using your mobile phone you will now receive 6 penalty points and a fine of £200.  

If you are a newly qualified driver, this could result in an immediate ban from driving as you are allowed to obtain no more than 6 penalty points in your first two years of driving.  

Don’t risk it. Put your phone away when driving or set it to silent to stop you getting distracted.

She missed it because the driver couldn't miss a call. More than a statistic. Drive safe.


It is the law in Northern Ireland that everyone must wear their seatbelt. By wearing one it decreases your risk of injury if involved in a collision.

A list of exemptions can be found on nidirect.

If you are stopped and found not to be wearing your seatbelt you will receive three penalty points and a fine of £60.

They missed it because the driver didn't wear a seatbelt. More than a statistic. Drive safe.


If you speed, it gives you less time to react to the conditions and obstacles you face while driving.

Speed limits are in place to keep you and others around you safe.  If caught speeding there are multiple ways it can be dealt with.  

  • Speed awareness. 
  • Fixed penalty notice – incurring three penalty points and a fine of £60.  
  • In court – here you can face a substantial fine, penalty points or a driving ban depending on the speed.

Careless Driving

Careless driving is one of the most significant causes of road traffic collisions. Just a moment of inattention can cause cost lives.

If you drive with without due care and attention, you could receive a fixed penalty notice, incurring three penalty points and a fine of £100.