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Equality, Diversity and Good Relations

The Police Service of Northern Ireland is committed to mainstream equality, diversity and good relations.

Corporate Policy

The Police Service of Northern Ireland's Corporate Policy contributes to confidence amongst communities and partners of our commitment to service delivery through accountability, collaboration, fairness, courtesy, respect and ultimately Keeping People Safe.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition

ANPR works by scanning vehicle registrations and checking them against information stored in databases to identify vehicles of interest.

Human Rights

The protection of human rights has always been at the core of policing. The introduction of the Human Rights Act 1998 in October 2000 served to formalise this in a way that had not before existed.

Inappropriate Associations

The guidelines are in place to ensure public confidence, and to protect the information that the Police Service holds.

Substance Misuse Policy

The purpose of this Substance Misuse Service Procedure is to deter substance misuse by all police officers, police staff and non police personnel working on behalf of the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

Mobile Phone Extraction

The Police Service of Northern Ireland has created a guidance policy on Mobile Phone Extraction (MPE) and the examination of digital devices.

Crime Recording Statement

The aim of this statement is to ensure that the Police Service of Northern Ireland has an accurate and consistent approach to the recording of incidents and crimes.