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If you wish to make a ‘Third Party’ information request on behalf of another person you must do so in writing. Complete the form most appropriate to your request below and send this with the necessary fees to Urban Region OCMT.

Consent of the person you represent will need to be obtained and you will need to provide us with a lawful purpose for your request.

In order to process your request, a fee will be payable.  Please see our Fees list. (Cheques should be made payable to the Police Service of Northern Ireland.)

Please be aware that incomplete forms may be returned causing a delay in processing your request. Please refer to our Information Request Standards.

Send the completed form and fee to Urban Region OCMT.  

Please note that this guidance does not supersede the PSNI Data Protection / Freedom of Information Policies¹ and/or any existing protocol or Memoranda of Understanding between the PSNI and other Governmental and non Governmental bodies.

Our overriding principal is that all requests are dealt with within the applicable and governing legislation for data and information handling.

PSNI aim to comply with ICO Guidance on data Protection and the ICO Data Sharing Code of Practice 2011.  These are presented primarily for guidance to third party requests such as solicitors/insurers or other parties representing a person(s) with express consent  from the represented person and the information is requested for lawful purposes (Section 35 Data Protection Act) Examples relating to involvement in specific incidents or occurrences including road traffic collisions which maybe subject to civil litigation.    

Alternatively information Requests for Personal information can be found on Making a Subject Access Request or you can contact the PSNI Subject Access [email protected]

¹ PSNI Service Procedure 7/2013 – Freedom of Information and PSNI Policy Directive PD06/08 – Data Protection Policy.