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Report Something Lost

We appreciate that losing something valuable can be frustrating and upsetting and cause inconvenience to you.  We will try and help if we can, however, we’re often not the best place to report items, and there are only certain items we can take reports of.

If you have lost any items on public transport or in a taxi you should contact the company to check their lost property.  If you have lost an item in premises such as a hotel, shop or school, you should check with them, as this is the most likely location to have retained the item.

If your lost property was found in a public place and has information contained on or in it that would help us trace the owner (for instance a bankcard in a lost wallet or security markings such as UV pen), we will make every effort to let you know that we have your property and to return it to you.

If we are handed an item that appears valuable, but contains no way of identifying the owner, it will be recorded in our found property database. If your enquiries are unsuccessful, contact us using the online form or by calling 101 and we will check against our database of found property.

You will have to prove ownership of any item we do have in our system. It sometimes takes several days for property to be handed in to us so you may want to wait a week before contacting us to find out if we have your item. Please be aware that we only keep found property for 28 days.

If we are handed an item that appears to have little monetary value, (e.g. keys, pens, glasses), we won’t record these on our database and they will be disposed of.

  • If you have lost your Irish passport you should report to the Passport Office immediately.  We will also record details of the loss. 

    If you have lost your UK passport you should report it as soon as possible to the passport office. Call their advice line on 0300 222 0000 or report online.

    We do not retain or return passports handed into police stations, they are always sent back to the relevant passport office. If the passport is a not a UK or Irish Passport, report this in person at a police station

  • If you have lost your UK driving licence you should replace it as soon as possible with the DVLA. We do not retain nor return driving licences handed into police stations, they are always sent back to the DVLA.

  • If you have lost your debit or credit cards you should report it as soon as possible to the bank, to ensure the cards are cancelled.

    Police will destroy bank cards which are handed in to help prevent identity theft.

  • If you’re on a contract and you lose your phone you should report it to your mobile phone provider immediately.





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