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The Police Service of Northern Ireland is committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of every road user. We want to encourage responsible driving, reduce accidents, and protect lives. 

By working together we can make a significant impact in creating safer roads in Northern Ireland.

In this section you will find information about a range of topics including road safety, penalty notices and collision advice.

Fixed Penalty Notices

In this section you can learn more about Fixed Penalty Notices for speeding or other motoring offences and the potential consequences.



Abnormal Loads

This section provides essential information about dealing with abnormal loads in Northern Ireland.


Learn more about the BikeSafe motorcycle safety initiative which is designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of motorcyclists.

Blue Light Aware

Do you know what to do when you see blue lights? Blue Light Aware is designed to help you help the Emergency Services when they are on a blue light run. In this section we look at what you should do when there's an emergency vehicle behind or near you on the road. 

Collision Advice

Road traffic accidents can be traumatic for everyone involved. In this section learn about what steps to take if you are involved in a collision on the road.

Common Car Insurance Myths

In this section you can find out the truth behind some common car insurance myths.

Damage Only Hit and Run Road Traffic Collision

This section provides essential information on damage only hit and run road traffic collisions. Learn what to do if you have been involved in this type of incident, including reporting the collision, gathering evidence, and contacting insurance providers.



E-Scooter, Scrambler and Quad Safety

Find out what you need to know about driving a scrambler, electric scooter, buzz board, quad or mini-moto on a public road.

Fatal Five

The information in this section aims to raise awareness among drivers about these five primary factors that contribute to fatal accidents and provides information on how to avoid them.

Modified Cars


Find out which modifications you should know about to to keep your car safe and legal on the road.

Northern Ireland Road Safety Partnership

Learn more about the Northern Ireland Road Safety Partnership and its efforts to improve road safety. 

Police Service of Northern Ireland Roadsafe Roadshow

Find out more information about the various aspects covered in the Roadsafe Roadshow, including presentations, interactive sessions, and practical demonstrations.

Preventing Car and Vehicle Theft

In this section you can read our advice on how you can prevent your car or vehicle being stolen. From practical measures such as investing in extra security systems to adopting simple yet effective habits, learn how to keep your vehicle secure and protected. 

Protect Yourself When Driving

During our busy daily routines, we can often overlook important details that significantly impact our safety while on the road. Learn how you can prioritise your personal safety when driving, ensuring a secure journey.

Recovering Stolen Vehicles

In this section you will find information on how police deal with stolen vehicles and what you need to do if we recover your stolen vehicle.


Seized Vehicles

In this section you can find out how to reclaim a vehicle that has been seized.

Share The Road - Tips For Drivers and Cyclists

In this section we offer essential tips for both drivers and cyclists on sharing the road responsibly. It emphasises mutual respect, awareness, and practical advice to enhance everyone's safety.

Winter Driving Safety Advice

Read our essential advice for driving in icy and snow-covered roads. From vehicle maintenance to handling skids and braking gently, these tips will help you stay safe while driving on winter roads.