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The strength figures in the tables below are Full Time Equivalent - FTE and include temporary promotions to Ranks and Analogous Grades as at 01st April 2024. (Rounded for display purposes).


Police Ranks

Strength (FTE)

Chief Constable 1
Deputy Chief Constable2
Assistant Chief Constable4
Chief Superintendent24
Chief Inspector88
Student Officer2
Total Police6396
Constable Part-Time175

Police Staff Analogous Grade

Strength (FTE)

Permanent Secretary1
Grade 33
Grade 57
Grade 619
Grade 7 53
Deputy Principal113
Staff Officer233
Executive Officer 1342
Executive Officer 2500
Administrative Officer905
Administrative Assistant65
Industrial Grade45
Total Police Staff (includes temporary workers)2285

More Information

For information on officers and staff members perceived Community Background, please visit the workforce composition page.