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Keeping Safe

There are steps we can all take to keep safe in different situations and scenarios in our day to day lives. Following the information and advice below will help us to collectively build safer homes, safer roads and safer communities together.

Advice For Students

As many students begin or return to university or college we want you to understand how to stay safe, how to protect your property and how to be a good neighbour. Learn more about how you can keep yourself as safe as possible.

Advice to Landlords and Letting Agents

Owning property for rental can be a very rewarding enterprise but criminals may use rental properties to commit crimes, leaving you with the bill to repair any damage. Here is some practical advice to help you keep your investment safe.

Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB)

We welcome any opportunity to engage with anyone with concerns around anti-social behaviour. Learn how to recognise anti-social behaviour and how to report your concerns.

Ask For Angela

Find out more about how The Police Service of Northern Ireland have joined together with licensed venues and security staff across Northern Ireland to help keep people safe while enjoying a night out.

Child Protection

Find out more about what to do if you suspect a child has been abused. It is important to tell the police service what has happened so that we can find out who was responsible and prevent the same thing happening to that child or some other child again.

Child Sexual Exploitation

Children and young people can suffer abuse in many settings, for example, in a family, or in an institutional or community setting. Often the abuse will be committed by someone who is known to them. However, sometimes the abuse may be committed by a stranger. Find out more about how to report Child Sexual Exploitation if you think yourself or a friend has been a victim. 

Christmas Safety Advice

From online shopping to keeping your house secure, read our advice on how you can stay safe during the festive season.

Domestic Abuse

This section provides you with more information about domestic abuse, how to report if you or someone you know is a victim and the support you can receive.

Processions and Protests

The right to participate in a public procession is a fundamental human right. However, this right is limited by the need to uphold the rights of others, protect public health and safety, minimise disruption to normal life and by the need to prevent and detect crime. Find out more about Processions and Protests.

Protecting Your Home

Developing home security can be simple, inexpensive and prevents opportunist criminals from taking advantage of insecure homes. Find out more about how to protect your home.

Protecting Yourself

We all want to stay as safe as possible in our daily lives. Hopefully, you will never be a victim of crime. However, it is important to take some time to think about how you would act in different situations. Find out more about how to protect yourself.

Rural Crime Prevention

Find out more about how The Police Service of Northern Ireland is committed to supporting rural communities, working with partner agencies, the Rural Crime Partnership, supporting victims and investigating rural crime.

Scams and Fraud

Explore this section to safeguard yourself against potential scams and make informed decisions.

Summer Safety Advice

Summer can be a really busy time with lots of events and activities going on. From information on how to address anti-social behaviour to practical tips to secure your home or caravan, in this section you will find a range of advice which will help have a safe and enjoyable summer.

Tackling Violence Against Women And Girls

Find out more about how The Police Service of Northern Ireland is committed to tackling violence against Women And Girls.

Terrorism and Firearms Attacks

In Northern Ireland the current threat level in relation to Northern Irish related terrorism sits at SEVERE, this means an “attack is highly likely”. Find out more about Terrorism and Firearms attacks.