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Our Strategies and Vision


For the Police Service of Northern Ireland, keeping people safe is what we do; Policing with the Community is how we do it. Policing with the Community is about understanding and responding to the human impact of policing. It is about creating real participation between the police and the community - a partnership in which policing reflects and responds to the community’s needs and in which the community plays an active part in delivering a solution.



We want to help build a safe, confident and peaceful Northern Ireland.


What do we do?

We will prevent crime, detect offenders and protect the most vulnerable in our society.


How will we achieve this?

We will achieve this by Policing with the Communities that we serve and by treating all members of the public with courtesy, respect and fairness.

We will work collaboratively with communities and those in the public, private and voluntary sectors to achieve our vision, being fully accountable to those who we serve.

Our Strategies

We are committed to providing a service that cares, listens and acts In collaboration with the public, our staff and our partners.  

Our mission is to keep people safe by providing a visible, accessible, responsive, community-focused police service. Through these Strategies, we set out how we work with local communities, partners and within our own organisation to achieve that mission.

Engagement Strategy

Effective engagement enables individuals and communities to participate in policing at every level, building trust and confidence within and between police and the communities being served.

Here for You - Public Engagement Vision (Thumbnail)

The Hallmarks of Neighbourhood Policing

Our public commitment to modernise local policing delivery so that it is increasingly visible, accessible, responsive and, above all, community focused means that we need to continue to evolve our approach to neighbourhood policing.

NPT Hallmarks Cover

Serious and Organised Crime Strategy

Serious and Organised Crime is a blight on our communities; it exploits the vulnerable, destroys community confidence and undermines a thriving, safe and peaceful Northern Ireland.  We have created this Serious and Organised Crime Strategy to enhance and develop our operational response to this issue whilst working in concord with the Department of Justice and partners to address key priorities.

Serious and Organised Crime Strategy Cover

Crime Prevention Strategy

While we continue to place the victims of crime at the centre of all we do, we also recognise that dealing with the causes and drivers of crime will be critical in reducing harm in our communities. Prevention is always better than cure.

Crime Prevention Strategy Cover

Digital Strategy

Creating a Digital Police Service of Northern Ireland is critical to our modernisation plans and will make our Police Service more visible, accessible and community focussed. I want a Digital Police Service of Northern Ireland that takes advantage of rapid changes in mobile technology, underscores how the Service interacts with the public and also how we use, deploy and locate our officers and staff.

Digital Strategy Cover

Estate Strategy

The Estate Strategy identifies tangible, but ambitious Action Plans to commence as soon as possible. Subject to the required investment being committed, the implementation of these Action Plans will firmly position the Estate on track for achieving our vision in the medium to long term.

Estate Strategy

Fleet Strategy

Building and maintaining an effective vehicle fleet is an integral part of our ambition to be more visible, accessible and responsive to the public. Over the course of this strategy, we will increase the number of marked high visibility vehicles, we will reduce costs by more standardisation having less vehicle variants and better maintenance.


Fleet Strategy Cover

People Strategy

Policing is a human endeavour, made possible by people. Each of us together will demonstrate in our behaviours and interactions that we Care, Listen and Act as we deliver a policing service to the people of Northern Ireland. Through this Strategy we will achieve the outcomes set out in the Northern Ireland Policing Plan (2020-2025) and our modernisation plan ‘Horizon 2025’.

People Strategy Cover

Horizon 2025

This document outlines how we will shape our business to deliver the Policing Plan outcomes and build a modernised policing service. We will deliver innovative ways of making lasting change, focusing on evidence-led, digitally-enabled results, driven through ambitious business transformation. We will constructively renew current ways of doing things, whilst supporting our staff to continue to deliver an agile, fast paced front-line service delivery model.

Horizon 2025

Tackling Violence Against Women and Girls

This action plan outlines how we will work hard to ensure that women and girls can live their life free from fear, intimidation and harassment. 

Tackling Violence Against Women and Girls Action Plan cover

Children and Young People Strategy

This new Children and Young People Strategy outlines how we are protecting our communities by delivering policing operations and services that are relevant to children and young people.


Children and Young People Strategy Booklet (Thumbnail)