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If you have witnessed or been the victim of crime please report it to us.

Reports are dealt with by our contact management team in exactly the same way whether you report it online or call 101.

If someone is in danger or you need urgent support call 999 immediately.

    Report an Incident online

    If you have been a victim or witness to a crime or incident you can use our online reporting tool. We'll ask you for a number of details about the incident you want to report and about you as the person reporting it to assess the incident and understand the risks involved for all. 

    Click the button below to go to the reporting tool. 

    Report now

    Other reporting options:

    Key details we'll need when you contact us:

    • Your details - if you don't wish to provide your details please tell us. We use these details to identify potential hoax calls and to inform our response.
    • Your contact details - we'll ask for a telephone number, address and email address so we can contact you should we need to clarify any details or update you on the incident.

    You can also use 999 British Sign Language (BSL) app or Website to make a call to 999, it will go to British BSL interpreter first, who will appear on the screen. The BSL interpreter will then call the 999 operator through landline and will relay the conversation.  You must only call the service if you have a real emergency.

    The new service allows deaf people and those with hearing impairments to make emergency calls via the 999BSL app or website, connecting callers with a BSL interpreter remotely. The interpreter, who will appear on the caller’s screen, will then relay the conversation to a 999 call handler with the Police Service, Ambulance, Fire Service or Coastguard in an emergency.

    Users can access the 999 BSL service in three simple steps:

    • Download the 999BSL app or open the webpage
    • Press the red button 'Call 999 BSL now'
    • Connect to an interpreter

    If you have questions about how the service works please email [email protected] or visit the website at

    5 Step Rule

    Our 101 lines can face periods of high demand and it may take us longer to answer you on occasion, please consider this quick and easy guide.

    If you believe you need to contact Police following the 5 Step Rule can make this easier for you.  The steps involved in this are outlined in the video below.

    5 Step Rule
    • Ask yourself, is this a matter for Police? Or would another agency be better suited to dealing with it?

      If you believe the issue is a Police matter then look at the ways you can contact us.

    • Perhaps the information you require is on our website. 

      Read through our Incident page to see if this can help you. If not you can contact us directly online or by phone.

    • If a crime has already happened the easiest way to report it is via our Online Incident Reporting Form. 

      This is available 24/7, is very user friendly and enables you to report the crime straight away without any delays.

    • Do you wish to speak to someone about a specific incident, obtain information about an ongoing investigation or report an incident to us by phone? 

      If so you can phone our non emergency 101 number, available 24/7.

    • Is your issue an emergency requiring immediate action with life or property potentially at risk?

      If so you should contact 999 straight away.


    We are dedicated to fighting crime across Northern Ireland. We help to promote the charity in communities across the region, to let residents know there is an anonymous route to give information about crime. We guarantee anonymity, which means that no-one can ever find out you contacted us.

    Call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.