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Police Service of Northern Ireland policy provides a vital signpost to all police officers and staff of their contribution to the Chief Constable's vision of Keeping People Safe. Our policy also provides reassurance to communities and partners of our commitment to service delivery through accountability, collaboration, fairness, courtesy and respect. 

Corporate Policy provides effective, practical support to frontline service delivery to inform decisions, problem solve and provide police officers and staff with the space and time to do their job.

Service Policy documents are: 'Principles to govern the organisation, reflecting the Chief Constable's vision'.

Service Instruction documents are: 'Practical instructions for service delivery to inform decision making in line with Service Policy'.

Service Policies

Read our Service Policy documents.

Conflict Management Manual

Read our manual of policy, procedure and guidance on conflict management.

Human Rights Assessment

Read the Human Rights Assessment form that we use when developing Service policies and Service Instructions.