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The Police Service of Northern Ireland's Cyber Crime Centre has a dedicated ‘Cyber Prevent’ officer whose role it is to:-

  • Educate young people about the Computer Misuse Act 1990 and the possible consequences of getting involved in cyber crime.
  • Deter and/or divert individuals from cyber crime.
  • Educate young people about opportunities in the cyber industry.

Cyber Choices

The Cyber Choices programme has been created to help people make informed choices and to use their cyber skills in a legal way.  This is a national programme co-ordinated by the National Crime Agency (NCA).

If you are looking for more information specific to you, then download one of these helpful leaflets:

Under 12 years old

12 – 17 years old

Over 18 years old

Introduction to the Computer Misuse Act 1990



Cyber Choices Logo

Help Your Child Make The Right Cyber Choices

For further information, advice or assistance, please contact the Cyber Prevent Officer at [email protected]

Help Your Child Make The Right Cyber Choices