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Advice and Information

Here you will find information to help you understand the law.

Air and Sea Ports

Learn more about our Small Ports Team and how they assist front line officers throughout Northern Ireland and further afield to ensure the safety of people at airports, ferry terminals, and seaports.


Animal Welfare and Wildlife

Learn more about Animal Welfare and Wildlife and how The Police Service of Northern Ireland deals with cases of serious cruelty and suffering to animals.

Business Crime

Learn more about the current approach to preventing and detecting business crime.

Complaints Against Police

Learn more about how to make a complaint to The Police Ombudsman's Office.

EU Funded Research Projects

Learn more about how The Police Service of Northern Ireland is involved in international research and innovation projects. 

Hate Crime

Learn more about how you can report a hate crime and what we can do to help.



Missing Persons

Learn more about Missing Persons and how The Police Service of Northern Ireland commence a Missing Persons Appeal. 

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking

Learn more about Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking, and how The Police Service of Northern Ireland offer help and support. 

Non-Fatal Strangulation

Non-fatal strangulation is now a standalone criminal offence in Northern Ireland. In this section you will learn more about non-fatal strangulation including the common health complications that can occur if someone is strangled and how you can report incidents to police.

Police Advice on Public Preaching and Protests

Read our advice on what to do when preaching, proselytising or protesting.

Protest and Civil Disobedience

Read our guidance for protest and "civil disobedience."

Security Systems

Learn more about Security Systems.

Sexual Consent

Sexual assault and abuse can happen to anyone. Regardless of disability, age, race, gender or sexual orientation. Learn more about getting help and support.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems - Drones

Learn more about Unmanned Aircraft Systems (drones) and how they can be flown safely and legally.

Victim Satisfaction Survey

This information is for victims of crime who have been contacted by the Police Service of Northern Ireland to take part in our victim satisfaction survey.

Victim Support

Find out more about what actions you should or can take if you have become a victim of crime.