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Our 101 lines can face periods of high demand and it may take us longer to answer you on occasion, please consider this quick and easy guide.

If you believe you need to contact Police following the 5 Step Rule can make this easier for you.  The steps involved in this are outlined in the video below.

  • Ask yourself, is this a matter for Police? Or would another agency be better suited to dealing with it?

    If you believe the issue is a Police matter then look at the ways you can contact us.

  • Perhaps the information you require is on our website. 

    Read through our Incident page to see if this can help you. If not you can contact us directly online or by phone.

  • If a crime has already happened the easiest way to report it is via our Online Incident Reporting Form. 

    This is available 24/7, is very user friendly and enables you to report the crime straight away without any delays.

  • Do you wish to speak to someone about a specific incident, obtain information about an ongoing investigation or report an incident to us by phone? 

    If so you can phone our non emergency 101 number, available 24/7.

  • Is your issue an emergency requiring immediate action with life or property potentially at risk?

    If so you should contact 999 straight away.