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September 30, 2022 | HR Employment and Other

Reference: F-2022-01885


Request 1
Information regarding whether or not you pay any form of enhancement / Special Priority Payment / one off payment or other additional payment to any of the following:

a)Authorised Firearms Officers
b)Armed Response Vehicle Officers
c)Operational Firearms Commanders
d)Firearms Tactical Advisors
e)Any other specialism within armed policing (such as tactical rifle officers / close protection officers/Tactical Firearms Commanders)

If you do pay an enhancement please specify.

Request 2
How much for each role?

Request 3
Whether the amount varies with rank.

Request 4
The frequency of any payment.

Request 5
If more than one enhancement can be claimed if officers fulfil multiple roles.

Request 6
Whether there are constraints regarding officers remaining on-line for that specialism.